Appointment Booking

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    Authorisation should be obtained by the patient or the Doctor’s room, with the exception of emergencies.  This is especially important because there may be a co-payment payable to the Doctor by the patient.

    Pre-Admissions FAQ

    The aim is to make the patient’s admission an easier and stress-free process.

    Patients who have:

    • Major procedures (Caesarean Section, Hip Replacement)
    • Minor or local procedure (e.g. Gastro-scopes, Dental Extractions).  Patients are expected to visit Pre-Admission personally – 12 to 24 hours prior to the planned procedure
    • Pre-Admission will check the patient’s height and weight. HBs are also checked.
    • Blood pressure and blood glucose levels are checked if the patient’s condition warrants these tests.
    • ECGs are done, depending on the patient’s age, medical history and the nature of the planned procedure.
    • The respective Anaesthetist is informed of any abnormalities detected on the ECG.

    The Hospital indemnity form is signed by the parent or Legal Guardian.

    The patient’s Doctor will explain the nature of the procedure and gain consent for the procedure during their consultation with the patient in the Doctor’s rooms.

    • A letter from their Doctor, starting the planned procedure and the procedure code/s;
    • ID document/Birth Certificate;
    • Medical Aid Card.
    • If necessary, patients are required to shave operative areas and remove all nail polish.
    • They are required to ‘starve’, according to their Doctors instructions.